Self Inflating Mats & Pillows

Camp in comfort with our range of inflatable camping pillows and mats. Designed for comfort and convenience, these inflatables are ergonomically designed to offer you the best sleep possible. With features such as stretchy fabric for extra comfort, they fold down to a compact size for easy transportation and storage meaning you can take it them on any adventure.

Vango Adventure XL 3cm Blue Sleeping Mat

Adventure XL 3cm Blue Self Inflating Mat Vango

Vango Adventure Mats are hard wearing, durable self-inflating mats that will give you years of use, comfort and convenience. Self inflating mat sales are now overtaking sales of the traditional air bed as more and more campers switch to this quick and convenient way of getting your camp bed organised.The Vango Adventure Mat 3XL is a 3cm deep open-cell foam mat with a 75D non-slip, durable pvc/polyester outer shell covering. The XL in the title refers to its longer length and extra width making this mat ideal for the larger person.To use these mats simply unroll the matress and loosen the valve. Air will rush into the open-cells between the foam. Blow into the valve to top up the air pressure, tighten the valve up and your self inflating mat is ready for use.Apart from the great comfort that Vango Adventure Mats provide, they also create an extra insulation layer between you and the floor - enabling you to retain your body heat and helping to smooth out any uneven ground.Features of the Vango Adventure Mat 3XL include:75D Non-slip Polyester/PVC CoatingLaminated, open-cell foamRepair kit includedStuff Sac includedREACH Approved Materials

Vango Comfort 5cm self inflating camping mat

Comfort 5 Single Self Inflating Sleeping Mat Vango

Designed with a stylish, soft-touch flocked finish top and durable non-slip base, the luxurious Comfort 5cm Single self-inflating sleeping mat offers unrivalled comfort and convenience. With the Cyclone Flip Valve inflation and deflation are much quicker and easier than traditional valves. Simply flip open the valve and watch the mat expand. Prefer a firmer mattress? Simply top it up with a few extra puffs of air. After a great night's sleep, the Cyclone valve's very large opening means the air evacuates quickly making packing away a cinch. Brushed fabric on top surface is comfortable and warm to touchThe robust polyester base fabric won't slip on your inner tent's floor5cm of Insulating Foam - For a comfortable sleepCarry Bag can be used as a Pillow - Constructed from soft, comfortable brushed fabric, allowing for use as pillowEasy Operation Valve - Quick inflation and deflation, securely locking when not in useRepair kit includedMaterials used within the sleep mat meet and exceed the European REACH standard, ensuring safe use and peace of mindCarry Bag and Securing Straps IncludedCyclone Valve - Allowing fast and easy inflation and deflation

Kampa Kip comfort 5 single self inflating mat

Kip Comfort 5 Self Inflating Mattress Kampa

KAMPA KIP COMFORT 5 SELF INFLATING MATTRESS 335077An exciting high quality range of self inflating mattresses.This eye catching range features top quality materials and design.Features• Exta comfortable 5cm for a great nights sleep• Egg-crate foam for even more comfort• Insulated you from the ground• Quick-flow valve for easy inflation and deflation• Durable non-slip 150D oxford polyester fabric with water repellent coating• Reversible design• Stuff sack and retaining straps included• Emergency repair kit included• Inflatable size: 198 x 63 x 5 cm• Packed size: 65 x 20 cm• Weight: 2.4kg 


Vango Deep Sleep Ergo Pillow

The Vango Vango Deep Sleep Ergo Pillow is ergonomically designed to offer you the best sleep possible. Featuring a soft, stretchy fabric for extra relaxation and comfort. The Deep Sleep Ergo is not only comfortable but folds down to a compact size meaning you can take it on any of your adventures with ease. Ergonomic construction - Supports head and neck for comfortable night's sleepA luxurious stretch knit fabric gives a soft comfortable feeling against skin. The fabric flexes and moves with you, giving comfort just like your bed at home.The Air-Support system at the core of the pillow provides ergonomic support to the head and neck, while packing small when not in use.Ultra compact carry bag that is lightweight and easy to carryEasy Operation Valve - Quick inflation and deflation, securely locking when not in use