Camping Accessories

An essential rule of camping is to be prepared. We offer a wide range of camping accessories and tools that are designed to be compact yet effective in a host of situations. Designed with reliability and durability in mind, these camping tools and accessories provide everything you will need to ensure that your hiking, camping or adventure trip goes without a hitch.

Choose from our range of multi-tools, fire starters, camping cutlery, tent spares, accessories, and more.

Fire Starter - Medium Strike

Fire Starter - Medium Strike Carbon Steel Scout Camping Emergency

Ferrocerium fire starters, like the StrikeFire, have become a fundamental tool in bushcraft, as they are the most dependable means of lighting a fire with sparks, regardless of weather conditions. Unlike a box of matches or a cigarette lighter, the StrikeFire fire starter can light literally thousands of fires, 12,000 for this Large version. At 3,000 degrees Celsius, the sparks from a StrikeFire will light a huge range of natural and man-made tinders, including gas and petrol camping stoves.The StrikeFire is a new British made product using the best ferrocerium rod available, a hardened steel scraper and reflective paracord lanyard

HIghlander instant hand warmer

Instant Hand Warmer Single Use Highlander

Instant hand warmer packs ideal for skiing, camping, hunting, fishing, walking and more. Each pack heats up to a max temp of 68°C but outputs an average temp of 51°C. A must have in winter weathers for people who love the outdoors. These are also great for keeping gas magazines warm during Airsoft skirmish days. Leave one of these in a dump pouch with your spare gas magazines to improve their cold weather performance.Features:Great for skiing, camping, hunting, fishing, walking and moreMax temp 68°C, average temp 51°CNon-toxic and environmentally safeAvoid direct contact with sensitive skin or eyesDon't open the inner packetLasts for upto 6 hours


Kampa Bruce Portable Tabletop Gas Barbecue

This Gas powered barbecue is compact and portable, ideal for barbecuing on the go. Great for camping, caravanning, beach, picnics and the home.

Kampa slim design ice packs

Kampa Slim Design Ice Pack 200 400 and 600ml

Non-flowing liquid HDPE Available in three sizes, 200, 400 and 600 ml Slim Design

Stainless steel spork weighing 36g

Strikefire Spork - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Spork For extreme conditions and discerning customersSame design as the original SporkHard wearing yet light weightKnife, fork and spoon functionsWeight 36g


Strikefire Spork - Titanium

For extreme conditions and discerning customers, Same design as original Spork Non-corrosive, non-magnetic, Hypoallergic, Weight 17 g

Vango Sky Storage 9 Pocket Tall Organiser

Vango Sky Storage 9 Pocket Tall Organiser

Suitable for the following: Galli Pro Air Low Galli Pro Air Tall Kela Pro Air Low Kela Pro Air Tall AirBeam Sky Canopy for Caravan & Motorhomes 3.5M Balletto Air 200 Elements Shield AirBeam Sky Canopy for Caravan & Motorhomes 2.5M Galli Pro Air Mid Kela Pro Air Mid Galli III Air Low Kela V Air Low Kela V Air Tall Galli III Air TallThe Sky Storage 9-Pocket Tall Organiser comes with 2 SkyHooks and is designed to fit onto the SkyTrack® storage system. This handy organiser provides additional storage to help keep the awning or tent tidy. Includes a reusable storage bag.

Orange Handled Wlido Fire Flash

Wildo Fire Flash Fire Lighter Outdoors Multi Colours

An effective fire lighter that'll create a spark, no matter the weather conditions.An effective fire lighter that'll create a spark, no matter the weather conditions.A superb survival tool that you'll never leave at home, the Wildo Fire Flash® will always be ready to help light your fire.It has a serrated edge that provides greater friction and longevity, leaving you to simply drag it hard against the rod and create those all important sparks.Even if the rod gets wet you can just wipe it dry and strike it again, making it a highly versatile and essential piece survival gear.