Rainbow Gifts

These Rainbow gifts are the perfect way to introduce new Rainbows to the world of Girlguiding. These gifts are colourful, rainbow branded, practical, and an ideal gift for any occasion.

Girlguiding blanket All sections

This multi-section soft fleece blanket is ideal for snuggling up when away on camp or holiday, it’s lightweight yet will keep you toasty warm. It can grow with you on your Guiding journey – carrying your badges from Rainbows through to adulthood

Rainbow Back Pack Official Girl Guiding Guides

Rainbow Backpack Official- Girl Guiding

This lightweight backpack features a colourful rainbow design and is perfect to keep all accessories together - from uniform to stationery and even gifts, this comfortable bag will make sure your Rainbow has everything in one place on-the-go!Size: 30 x 23cm 

Rainbow Girl Guiding Badge Book

Rainbow Girl Guiding Official Badge Book NEW Product

This book houses all the information your Rainbows need to earn their interest badges. This book is also a tool to support the girl with keeping track of her progress towards skills builders, theme awards and her Rainbow Gold award.

£6.00 £7.99
Rainbows notepad A5 lined

Rainbows notepad A5 lined Girl Guides Guiding

This notepad featuring the Rainbow character design has plenty of pages to write your important Rainbow notes in! Size: A5, Lined


Rainbows notepad and pencil set

From doodling to writing stories, this Rainbows lined notebook and pencil set is a great gift for any creative Rainbow. Size A6