MX3 Aventure: light and tasty freeze-dried meals

Got a project in the middle of nature ? Do you want to escape, to cut yourself off from the world? Freeze-dried food is what you need!

MX3 Aventure is a range of freeze-dried starters, main courses and desserts. Conceived almost 15 years ago for excursions requiring food autonomy (trekking, hiking, sailing...) and today present in the survival rations of the French army and the UN.  

Freeze-dried meals adapted to any situation

 We have studied them in order to be as compact as possible for you. Our meals are light thanks to their preservation technique, freeze-drying. Extremely flat, they will facilitate their transport during your trails, treks and expeditions.

Those freeze-dried bags are easy to carry and contain tasty food! MX3 is the comfort of a high-calorie dish with sometimes exotic recipes. Made in France, our dishes are imagined, elaborated and manufactured in our familial factory in the Sables d'Olonne. From traditional dishes to world cuisines, without forgetting the french traditional recipes from Savoie that have made us so successful. MX3 Nutrition accompanies you from breakfast to dinner thanks to more than 50 freeze-dried meal recipes.  

The main advantage of MX3 freeze-dried meals

 It is above all their quick preparation and easy use, which will make your life easier after an intense effort. Thanks to the water lines placed inside our freeze-dried pouches, we help you incorporate the amount of water needed to rehydrate your meal! Although rehydration is possible with cold water, we strongly recommend using hot or even boiling water to rehydrate your dishes. Wait a few minutes (10-15 depending on the dish) to obtain a homogeneous texture for all our freeze-dried meal preparations.

A gustative quality and a recognized practicality without forgetting an implacable nutritional contribution! In fact, quantities designed to ensure a supply of kilocalorie, micro and macronutrients that can offset the efforts of outdoor sports.

 All you have to do is choose! Rather sweet, salty, traditional, organic or vegetarian? MX3 Nutrition, freeze-dried meals for all tastes.

vegetable rice camping freeze dried food

Vegetable Rice MX3 Meal Adventure Freeze Dried Camping Military Ration Pack Pouch Food

This freeze dried meal for 1 person, is rice with vegetables. Simply open the pouch and pour in hot water, up to the fill level, seal the pouch shut with the ziplock seal and wait for the specified number of minutes. These pouches are uniquely designed with a built in tear away top, so you can eat straight from the pouch.Weight Net : 150gEnergy : 391 kcalPre-cooked rice (68.9%), vegetables (12.2%) (tomatoes, carrots, courgettes, red and green peppers, French beans), vegetable palm oil (lactose and MILK proteins), herbs (3.6%) (onions, parsley, chives), salt, flavours (WHEAT, BARLEY, CELERY), natural turmeric flavour.Dated Nov 21