Camping Food & Meals

Getting a nutritionally balanced meal is essential when camping, hiking, or on an expedition. Our range of freeze dried, dehydrated, and vacuum-packed MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) provide everything needed for a successful outing. We stock hundreds of meals from top name brands including Wayfayrer, Expedition Foods, MX3 Adventure Meals, and more.

Choose from a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options from classic menu choices to more exotic options. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available. All camping meals are supplied in convenient, durable, easy to pack packaging.

Adventure Food Meals

Prices from: £4.99

4Adventurers Field Ration Packs

Prices from: £23.99

Adventure Menu

Prices from: £4.99

Bla Band Meals

Prices from: £6.25

Expedition Foods

Prices from: £6.49

Field Ration Pack Extras

Prices from: £0.50

Fuel your Preparation

Prices from: £4.50

Military Meals & Accessories

Prices from: £0.50

MX3 Adventure Meal

Prices from: £4.99

Ready to Eat Meals

Prices from: £1.99
Flameless Ration Heaters

Self Heating Pouches

Prices from: £1.49

Summit to Eat

Prices from: £4.49
Wayfayrer meals for camping

Wayfayrer Meals

Prices from: £3.00