Hathi Cub Scouts Fun Badge

Hathi Cub Scouts Fun Badge

This Cub Scouts Hathi fun badge is part woven & part embroidered and is an optional identity badge aimed at Cub Scout Leader Assistants/Helpers.

These badges are a great way to identify who's who within the pack, Akela is for the Cub Scout Leader while the others are for the Cub Scout Leader Assistants/Helpers.


Hathi is named after the Hindi and Sanskrit word for elephant.
Hathi is the head of the elephant troop, is one of the oldest animals in the jungle and represents order, dignity and obedience to the law of the jungle.

  • Type: Woven background, embroidered image, merrow border and paper backing
  • Size: 7 x 7cm
Earn 0 reward points 109836


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