Expedition Meal Getaway Pack - Gluten Free

Expedition Meal Getaway Pack - Gluten Free

One Breakfast, Two Main Meals and a Long-Handled Spoon

Get up and go. Simplify your weekend with our favourite meals and an iconic long-handled reusable orange spoon. The Getaway Pack includes a breakfast, two main meals and a long-handled spoon, perfect for a weekend away on a long hike in the countryside or camping in the Lake District. Just add hot water, stir and your meals will be ready in five minutes.

The Getaway Pack (Regular) contains:

1 x 450kcal Breakfast

2 x 450kcal Main Meals

1 x Spoon

Remarks: We reserve the right to substitute the meals with others of similar value.

Gluten Free:

1 x Scrambled Egg with Cheese & Caramelised Onion (450kcal)

1 x Chicken Tikka with Rice (450kcal)

1 x Beef Stroganoff with Rice (450kcal)

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