Firepot Mini Taster Pack

Firepot Mini Taster Pack

In every Firepot Mini Taster Pack you will find four approximately half-sized servings of our regular meals. You can add boiling water to these and try out our flavours before you decide which you would like to buy.

There are three different Firepot Mini Taster packs available:

Firepot Meat Minis
This contains a mini portion of Chilli con Carne with Rice, Beef Stew with Pearl Barley, Orzo Pasta Bolognese, and Posh Pork and Beans.

Firepot Vegan Minis
Four mini portions selected from our available vegan dishes, including Chilli non Carne with Rice, Dal and Rice with Spinach, Porcini Mushroom Risotto, Vegan Orzo Bolognese, and Posh Baked Beans.

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