Firepot Meals

Firepot has been five years in the making. As adventurists trekking through Greenland, we wanted our hikes to be punctuated by slow-cooked, natural food that tasted delicious. We wanted a healthy, hearty meal that didn’t weigh us down or keep us waiting. And we couldn’t find it anywhere. 

So we made our own in a Dorset barn — delicious, nutritious, dehydrated slow-cooked meals inspired by our travels. We’ve kept it lightweight and easy to use so it can be enjoyed from the heights of the Himalayas to the fjords of Chile. All you have to do is add water.

`Our recipes have been developed over months of tweaking, experimenting with flavour combinations and trying out different ingredients to maximise nutrition, not just taste. We’ve taken each of our ingredients and worked out how to ensure it arrives in your bowl just as it would in your own kitchen — delicious, perfectly cooked, with its nutritional integrity.  

beef stew & pasta camping freeze dried food

Baked Apple Porridge Firepot Outdoor Meal

A warming, feel-good breakfast of organic porridge oats. Served with fresh apples, sliced and baked with golden raisins, demerara sugar, lemon, ginger and cinnamon.An apple a dayOur Baked Apple Porridge is as fresh a breakfast as we could find. In each portion, you'll find a whole apple baked with freshly squeezed lemons, warming spices, and sweet golden raisins, all rounded off with dark demerara sugar. A brilliant absorber of flavours, we've taken rolled organic porridge oats and used them to form a deliciously creamy base for our sticky baked apple mix.Weight: 125g (regular)Calories: 500kcal (regular)Water usage: 400ml (regular)Ingredients: Fresh apples (46%), Organic porridge oats (36%), Raisins (5%), Demerara sugar (7%), Rye flakes, Lemon juice, Coconut oil, Cinnamon, Salt, Ginger, Nutmeg.Allergens: Rye flakes. Per 100gRegular (125g)Energy (kcal)400500Fat7.2g9g  of which saturates1.5g1.9gCarbohydrate73.8g92.2g  of which sugars31.2g39gFibre7.4g9.2gProtein9g11.2gSalt0.3g0.4g

beef stew & pearl barley camping outdoor meal

Beef Stew & Pearl Barley Firepot Outdoor Meal

Slow-cooked British beef with potatoes, celeriac and carrot. Served with soft pearl barley.A British Classic Beef stew is a classic farmhouse dish packed with some of the best produce of English fields: beef, vegetables and pearl barley. We slow-cook our beef with a spoonful of tamarind to create a depth of flavour. Our potatoes and celeriac are finely sliced, adding just the right amount of bite to this winter favourite.Weight: 110g (regular) / 165g (extra-large)Calories: 520kcal (regular) / 780kcal (extra-large)Water usage: 280ml (regular) / 420ml (extra-large)Ingredients: Beef mince (30%), potato, celeriac, carrot, onion, celery, pearl barley, olive oil, beef stock, salt, pepper, treacle, cider vinegar, cornflour, tamarind, thyme.Allergens: Celeriac, celery, pearl barley Per 100gRegular (110g)Extra large (165g)Energy (kcal)473520780Fat21.8g24g36g  of which saturates0.5g0.6g0.9gCarbohydrate41.2g45.3g68g  of which sugars8g8.8g13.2gFibre7g7.7g11.6gProtein28g30.8g46.2gSalt2g2.2g3.3g

Chilli Con Carne Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Chilli con Carne and Rice Firepot Outdoor Meal

Slow-cooked British beef with fruity ancho and smoky chipotle chillies, red peppers and kidney beans in a warmly-spiced tomato sauce. With long grain rice.A One-Pot Family Favourite Chilli con Carne is that classic one-pot dish. With smoky beef, soft beans and a gentle chilli heat, this meal is warming in even the coldest of climates. We cook our beef slowly, adding paprika, cumin and sweet tomatoes to provide some serious depth of flavour. With crunchy red pepper, nutty red kidney beans and a subtle spice hit from ancho and chipotle chilli, our one-pot wonder tastes just the way we need it to after a long hike. A South American classic from a barn in Dorset - made for your next adventure.Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 600kcal (regular) / 890kcal (extra-large)Water usage: 400ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large) Ingredients: Beef mince (27%), tomatoes, rice, onion, red kidney beans, red pepper, garlic, fresh chillies, tomato puree, rapeseed oil, ancho chillies, beef stock concentrate, red wine vinegar, salt, cumin seeds, cumin powder, chipotle chillies, paprika, bay leaves, cinnamon, chilli powder, citric acidAllergens: NoneRegular Dated March 2021 (now reduced) Per 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)442600890Fat13.1g17.7g26.2g  of which saturates5.0g6.7g10.0gCarbohydrate58.3g78.7g116.6g  of which sugars5.5g7.4g11.0gFibre5.4g7.3g10.8gProtein22.7g30.6g45.4gSalt0.7g1.0g1.4g

Dal & Rice with Spincah Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Dal and Rice with Spinach Firepot Outdoor Meal

Five kinds of lentils, simmered with onion, garlic, cumin and chilli. Combined with basmati rice, spinach and garam masala, finished with chopped coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice.The search for the perfect lentilWe love the simplicity of dal. Healthy ingredients that pack a warming punch. The secret to a good dal is in the lentils — holding enough shape to provide a crunch, with a softness that fills your mouth with flavour. We tested every type of lentil we could find, cooking dal after dal, looking for one that worked. But we soon realised no single type could provide everything we wanted — so we chose five. Together they give the right blends of texture and flavour, with the ability to soak up all that spice. Combined with aromatic basmati rice and crisp, green spinach, our dal is guaranteed to leave you feeling full and satisfied, with a heat that’s comforting but not too hot. Perfect for those cold nights on the mountains.Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 500kcal (regular) / 750kcal  (extra-large)Water usage: 400ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large) Ingredients: Basmati rice, onion, tomatoes, spinach, urid dal, chana dal, mung dal, toor dal, red lentils, lemon juice, coriander, garlic, rapeseed oil, salt, garam masala, cumin seeds, turmeric, dry red chillies, chilli powderPer 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)380500750Fat4.1g5.5g8.2g  of which saturates0.4g0.5g0.8gCarbohydrate71.3g96.2g142.6g  of which sugars5.3g7.1g10.6gFibre10.5g14.2g21gProtein14.5g19.6g29gSalt0.9g1.2g1.8g


Firepot Mini Taster Pack

In every Firepot Mini Taster Pack you will find four approximately half-sized servings of our regular meals. You can add boiling water to these and try out our flavours before you decide which you would like to buy.There are three different Firepot Mini Taster packs available:Firepot Meat MinisThis contains a mini portion of Chilli con Carne with Rice, Beef Stew with Pearl Barley, Orzo Pasta Bolognese, and Posh Pork and Beans.Firepot Vegan MinisFour mini portions selected from our available vegan dishes, including Chilli non Carne with Rice, Dal and Rice with Spinach, Porcini Mushroom Risotto, Vegan Orzo Bolognese, and Posh Baked Beans.

orzo pasta bolognese outdoor camping food

Orzo Pasta Bolognese Firepot Outdoor Meal

Slow-cooked British beef in a rich tomato sauce, combined with oregano, star anise and orzo, a rice-shaped pasta. Comfort Food in the WildOut in the middle of the wilderness we are all greedy for a proper, home-cooked meal. So we decided to create a nutritious and filling dish the whole family would love, including the kids. Our Orzo Bolognese is made with slow-cooked British beef using our tried-and-trusted family recipe. The sauce is rich and meaty, delicately balanced with oregano and star anise. Partnered with orzo — tiny, rice-shaped pasta — this meal is a taste of real Italian comfort food, wherever your adventure takes you.Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 635kcal (regular) / 940kcal (extra-large)Water usage: 325ml (regular) / 490ml (extra-large) Ingredients: Beef mince (30%), orzo (durum wheat semolina), tomatoes, onion, garlic, tomato puree, olive oil, salt, beef stock, bay leaves, oregano, pepper, star anise, citric acidAllergens: WheatPer 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)468635940Fat14.1g19g28.2g  of which saturates5.4g7.3g10.8gCarbohydrate59g79.7g118g  of which sugars4.9g6.6g9.8gFibre2.7g3.7g5.4gProtein26.3g35.5g52.6gSalt1.1g1.5g2.2g

Porcini Mushrooms Risotto Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Porcini Mushroom Risotto Firepot Outdoor Meal

Creamy Arborio rice with pan-fried porcini and chestnut mushrooms, cooked in mushroom stock and finished with chopped flat-leaf parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice.Winner of the Taste of the West Award 2017.Packing a punchRisotto has always been a favourite in our household. We like to make it the old school way — rich and creamy, with just the right amount of bite. We’ve tasted many different risottos in our search for the best recipe, but nothing could beat the ones that were packed with mushrooms. So we use two kinds: dried porcini, soaked to create a delicious, satisfying stock, and grilled chestnut mushrooms. And we don’t chop our mushrooms finely like a lot of our competitors. You’ll find big, juicy slices, just like you would if you made it at home. Finished with lemon juice and fresh parsley, our risotto is guaranteed to warm you whether you’re eating atop a mountain or round the kitchen table.Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 560kcal (regular) / 830kcal  (extra-large)Water usage: 400ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large)Ingredients: Risotto rice, chestnut mushrooms, onion, celery, olive oil, lemon juice, dried porcini mushrooms, mushroom stock (mushroom concentrate, yeast extract, sugar, cornflour), parsley, salt, pepper. Allergens: Celery Per 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)415560830Fat6.4g8.6g12.8g  of which saturates1g1.3g2gCarbohydrate80.1g108.1g160.2g  of which sugars2.8g3.7g5.6gFibre4.4g5.9g8.8gProtein8.5g11.5g17gSalt1.1g1.5g2.2g

Posh Pork & Beans Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Posh Pork and Beans Firepot Outdoor Meal

A hearty British breakfast of potato and pork baked with three types of beans in a tomato sauce.The Breakfast ClubWe wanted our breakfast to be worth getting up for — delicious low-fat British pork mince, three kinds of beans and crisp potatoes, all in a dark and sticky tomato sauce. With the heat of tabasco and a zing of fresh ginger, this is our twist on the classic Full English. This is a hearty and warming breakfast for the days when only a taste of home will do. Children also love it, making this a firm family favourite in Firepot's Dorset kitchen.Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 510kcal (regular) / 710kcal (extra-large)Water usage: 350ml (regular) / 500ml (extra-large) Ingredients: Minced British pork (27%), beans (haricot, borlotti, adzuki), potato, onion, tomato ketchup (tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, spices, celery), black treacle, tomato puree, garlic, Tabasco (vinegar, red pepper, salt), ginger, rapeseed oil, mustard powder, salt, pepper.Allergens: Celery, mustard powder. Per 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)378510755Fat8.4g11.4g16.8  of which saturates2.7g3.6g5.4gCarbohydrate49.3g66.5g98.6g  of which sugars20.427.6g40.8gFibre11.3g15.3g22.6gProtein26.1g35.2g52.2gSalt1.1g1.5g2.2g

Spicy Pork Noodles Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Spicy Pork Noodles Firepot Outdoor Meal

Tasty pork and tender broccoli in a spicy Thai-inspired sauce. Served with rice noodles.Thai-Inspired NoodlesOur spicy pork noodles are inspired by the sweet and salty flavours of Thailand. We slow-cook our pork mince with chilli, coriander, garlic and soy, and stir with soft rice noodles. To this we add a spoonful of honey, a squeeze of lime and a final splash of sesame oil for a sauce packed with Asian warmth.Weight: 105g (regular) / 160g (extra-large)Calories: 510kcal (regular) / 765kcal  (extra-large)Water usage: 280ml (regular) / 420ml (extra-large) Ingredients: Pork mince (25%), broccoli, rice noodles, onion, cabbage, garlic, red chilli, ginger, coriander, soy sauce (soya beans, wheat flour), spring onion, honey, rape seed oil, lime juice, sesame oil, fish sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar), cornflourAllergens: Soya beans, wheat flour, anchovy extract  Per 100gRegular (105g)Extra large (160g)Energy (kcal)486510765Fat21.8g22.9g34.4g  of which saturates4.8g5g7.5gCarbohydrate48.7g51.1g76.7g  of which sugars9.3g9.8g14.7gFibre6.1g6.4g9.6gProtein23g24.3g36.3gSalt0.4g0.2g0.6g

Vegan non Carne & Rice Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Vegan Chilli non Carne & Rice Firepot Outdoor Meal

Healthy soya slow-cooked with smoky chillies and kidney beans. Served with long grain rice. Our Take on the Warming One-Pot FavouriteChilli con Carne is that classic one-pot dish, which is why we wanted to create Chilli non Carne, so that vegetarians could get the same warming flavours on a cold night on the mountains. We use healthy soya flavoured with paprika, cumin and sweet tomatoes to create that much-loved chilli taste. We then add the crunch of red pepper, nutty red kidney beans and a subtle spice hit from ancho and chipotle to finish our South American classic. A vegan version that tastes as good as the real thing.Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 485kcal (regular) / 730kcal  (extra-large)Water usage: 400ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large) Ingredients: TVP mince (soya beans, caramel), tomatoes, rice, onion, red kidney beans, red pepper, garlic, fresh chillies, tomato puree, rapeseed oil, ancho chillies, mushroom stock (mushroom concentrate, yeast extract, sugar, cornflour), red wine vinegar, salt, cumin seeds, cumin powder, chipotle chillies, paprika, bay leaves, cinnamon, chilli powder, citric acidAllergens: Soya beans Per 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)359485730Fat2.5g3.4g5.1g  of which saturates0.3g0.4g0.6gCarbohydrate67.3g90.8g136.2g  of which sugars6.0g8.1g12.2gFibre7.9g10.7g16.1gProtein16.8g22.7g34.1gSalt0.7g0.9g1.4g

Vegan Orzo Bolgnese Firepot Outdoor Adventure Meal Large

Vegan Orzo Bolognese Firepot Outdoor Meal

Slow-cooked British Soya in a rich tomato sauce, combined with oregano, star anise and orzo, a rice-shaped pasta.Italian Comfort Food with a TwistOur vegan orzo bolognese is a twist on the classic Italian dish. Instead of beef mince, we use healthy soya; instead of spaghetti, we used orzo — tiny, rice-shaped pasta. To this we add a delicate balance of oregano and star anise, mixed in a traditional tomato sauce. This is a meal guaranteed to please the whole family, offering a real a taste of Italian comfort food when you’re far away from home. Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)Calories: 525kcal (regular) / 785kcal (extra-large)Water usage: 325ml (regular) / 490ml (extra-large) Ingredients: TVP mince (soya beans, caramel), orzo pasta (durum wheat semolina), tomatoes, onion, garlic, tomato puree, olive oil, mushroom stock (mushroom concentrate, yeast extract, sugar, cornflour), salt, oregano, pepper, star anise, bay leaves, citric acid.Allergens: Soya beans, wheat Per 100gRegular (135g)Extra large (200g)Energy (kcal)389525785Fat2.7g3.7g5.6g  of which saturates0.4g0.5g0.8gCarbohydrate70.1g94.6g141.9g  of which sugars5.5g7.4g11.1gFibre5.3g7.2g10.8gProtein20.5g27.7g41.6gSalt1.0g1.4g2.1g