Field Ration Pack Extras

Looking for addition to our field ration packs, we offer, extras on Sporks, Tea & Coffee, Meals, Sweets, Protein Bars, Biscuits.

assorted fruit flavored boiled sweets 60g

Extra Boiled Fruit Sweets

Fruit flavoured boiled sweets are a classic favourite and are an excellent source of energy.  The 60g bag contains roughly 240 calories. Compact and easy to store.  Why not keep a pack in your car, bag or on your adventure.All our Army style ration packs come with these great tasting boiled sweets, however one pack may not be enough or you fancy an extra treat Assorted Boiled Fruit Sweet Drops Weight: 60g (approx)Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup,Citric Acid,Flavouring, Fruit & Veg Concentrates(Safflower,Spirulina,lemon, Carrot,Blackcurrant) Colour (Mixed Carotenes,Anthocyanis) Suitable for Vegetarians.Nutrition Information per 100g:EnergyFatof which saturatesCarbohydrateof which sugarsProteinSalt398kcal0.6g0.2g98g74g0g0g

19cm Bio-degradable Long handled Spork

Long Handled Spork 19cm

19.5cm Length, to allow you reach into the pouches of freeze dried and MRE ready to eat meals.Allows easy access into pouch corners,No dirty or messy hands.Dimensions 195mm x 38mmWeight 8 gramsLong HandledBiodegradableMulti Use