Day Emergency Kits Fuel Your Preparation

Stay prepared for any situation with our Emergency Preparedness Kits. This kit provides one person with up to 2-5 days' worth of food. Using a range of pouches from across our delicious range of products each kit includes a number of different breakfasts, mains and desserts.

Boasting a 7 year shelf life each pouch is perfect for long term preparation, allowing you to rest easy knowing that whatever situation might unfold you will have access to a nutritious meal.

Lightweight and easy to prepare each pouch simply requires you to add water and wait a few minutes for a delicious meal to be ready

Fuel Your Preparation 3 day emergency food pouches & meals

3 Day Emergency Preparedness Kit for One Fuel Your Preparation Freeze Dried Meal

Our Emergency Preparedness Kits provide a range of delicious freeze-dried meal to provide enough food to last one person up to 3 days Combining a range of delicious desserts, mains and desserts each kit includes:Scrambled Eggs with Cheese x2Morning Oats with Raspberry x1Chicken Fajita with Rice x1Vegetable Tikka with Rice x1Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice x1Chilli Con Carne with Rice x1Salmon and Broccoli Pasta x1Chicken Fried Rice x1Custard Apple Crunch x1Chocolate Mousse with Cherry & Granola x1Rice Pudding with Strawberry x1