Chil Cub Scouts Fun Badge

Chil Cub Scouts Fun Badge

This Cub Scouts Chil fun badge is part woven & part embroidered and is an optional identity badge aimed at Cub Scout Leader Assistants/Helpers.

These badges are a great way to identify who's who within the pack, Akela is for the Cub Scout Leader while the others are for the Cub Scout Leader Assistants/Helpers.


Chil is the kite that helps Mowgli in the story Kaa's hunting in The Jungle Book when he is captured by the Bandarlog, a disordered troop of langur monkeys.

  • Type: Woven background, embroidered image, merrow border and paper backing
  • Size: 7 x 7cm

Earn 0 reward points 109837


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