Butane Gas Regulator 4.5kg Calor Bottle LPG 30mbar

Butane Gas Regulator 4.5kg Calor Bottle LPG 30mbar

How to connect a 4.5kg Butane gas bottle-
This gas bottle takes a regulator that screws on to the valve outlet—both have a connecting nut that features a black sealing washer.

Check the on/off valve hand wheel is off by turning it clockwise and then take off the protective black cap (keep it for future use)
Check the black sealing washer is in place on the regulator.
Fit the connecting nut (left hand thread) to the bottle using a suitable spanner; tighten it firmly, but don’t over-tighten it as this can damage the washer.

How to disconnect a 4.5kg Butane gas bottle
Make sure you do not disconnect the regulator (or connecting nut) with the cylinder valve open. Turn the on/off valve hand wheel off (clockwise rotation)
Use a suitable spanner when you disconnect the regulator (left hand thread), then screw the protective black cap back on to the cylinder valve outlet.

Weight: 300gr

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