Bewell Freeze Dried Meals 600kcal

Be-Well has developed and manufactured meals for Adventure Nutrition and they were the only meals to receive a 5 star rating by Trail Magazine.

Our customers include our own Brands as well as some of the major brands in Europe.

Our large range of meals provide balanced nutrition for all levels of outdoors activities and are successfully tested worldwide and a favourite of Adventurers, Expeditions Explorers, Schools and Young Persons award schemes.

Sliver foil pouch contining  Beef curry & Rice

Bewell Pack & Go Beef Curry & Rice 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Ingredientscumin, coriander, HPV4BE, 610972H, citric acid, ginger powder, cadamon, turmeric, textured soya protein, protex 309, onion powder, garlic powder, palm oil, vegetable oil, kibbled onion, freeze dried beef mince, sultanas, tomato powder, dextrose, mild curry powder, kibbled mushrooms, fructose, Pre-cooked rice (46%)NutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 152gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal394kcal600kcal30%2000Fat12.8g19.4g28%70gCarbohydrates60.8g92.4gof which sugars12g18.220%90gProtein14.4g22gSalt0.9g1.3g22%6g

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Sliver foil pouch contining Beef Shepherds Pie

Bewell Pack & Go Beef Shepherds Pie 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Ingredientsvegetable oil, caramel powder, SSF420K, soya protein, dextrose, pepper, salt, peas, onion powder, HPV4BE, minced beef, potato starch, milk powder, kibbled onion, protex 3424, beef 610972H, potato flavouring 7/10/20, vitamin C, Potato powderNutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 145gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal412kcal60030%2000Fat13.6g20g29%70gCarbohydrates54.4g79gof which sugars16.8g24g27%90gProtein21.6g31.3gSalt0.4g0.6g10%6g

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Bewell Pack & Go Beef Stroganoff

Bewell Pack & Go Beef Stroganoff 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Freeze Dried Main Meal600 KcalDry Weight of 156gLong shelf lifeIngredients: Rice, Lean beef mince (UK PN015 EN), Sliced onion, Diced mushrooms, Soya protein, Vegetable oil, Tomato, Potato starch, Garlic, Fructose, Flavouring, Yeast extract, Paprika powder, Crushed red peppers, Sea salt, Mustard, Citric acid, Natural colour (anthocyanin), Black pepper.Allergy Information: Contains SoyaNutrition Per 100g:Energy 386Kcal, Protein 24g, Carbohydrates 55g, Sugar 19g, Fat 9.6g, Salt 0.7g Nutrition Per Pack:Energy 600Kcal, Protein 37.4g, Carbohydrates 86g, Sugar 30g, Fat 15g, Salt 1.1g 

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Sliver foil pouch contining Chicken Curry & Rice

Bewell Pack & Go Chicken Curry & Rice 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

IngredientsRice, MILK Powder, Chicken Meal, Textured SOYA Protein, Kibbled Onion, Red Bell Peppers, Chicken Flavouring, Vegetable Oil, Potato Starch, Mild Curry Powder, Cardamon, Coriander, Cumin, Coconut Flavouring, Pepper, Chilli Powder, Turmeric.NutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 160gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal389kcal600kcal30%2000Fat7.8g12g15%70gCarbohydrates61.2g94.2gof which sugars7.1g10.9g11%90gProtein21.2g32.7gSalt2g3g45%6g

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Bewell Pack & Go Chicken Vegetable Pasta

Bewell Pack & Go Chicken Vegetable Pasta 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Great chicken pasta made with fresh freeze dried ingredients. This dish is filled with plenty vegetables and freeze dried chicken.IngredientsDurum wheat pasta (48%), chicken pieces (7%), Protex 3424, peas, vegetable oil, mushrooms, red bell peppers, onion powder, pepper, sage, turmeric, textured soya, salt, fructose, palm oil, RFCK, paprika, milk powder

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Sliver foil pouch contining Chocolate Chip Dessert

Bewell Pack & Go Chocolate Chip Dessert 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Ingredientschocolate flavouring, vanilla, soya lecithin, soya protein isolate, vegetable oil, caramel powder, guar gum, cocoa powder, sugar, Prejel CP, chocolate chips, Milk powderNutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 160gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal426kcal600kcal30%2000Fat12g17g24%70gCarbohydrates66g92gof which sugars48g67g74%90gProtein14.4g20gSalt0.3g0.47%6g

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Sliver foil pouch contining Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Bewell Pack & Go Cinnamon Rice Pudding 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Ingredientssoya lecithin, milk protein, cinnamon, vegetable oil, potato starch, milk powder, fructose, Rice (33%)NutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 141gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal425kca600kcal30%2000Fat11.2g15.8g22%70gCarbohydrates72.8g102.6gof which sugars28g39.5g44%90gProtein8.8g12.4gSalt0.08g0.1g2%6g

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Sliver foil pouch contining Hot start cereal

Bewell Pack & Go Hot Cereal Start 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

A real treat to start the day with. This balanced breakfast will provide a tasty kick-start to your days hiking or expedition. This meal contains high levels of multiple chain carbohydrates for slow release energy, intermediate release energy and fast energy and has a high food fiber content which promotes a healthy bowel and optimum absorption of nutrients.Dry weight 147 gram. Water added 350 ml. Ingredients: Toasted coarse ground wheat, milk powder, soya protein, fructose, sultanas (12%), vegetable oil, flavouring, sweetener (aspartame - contains a source of phenylalanine).Allergy information: Contains lactose, gluten and soya. Ingredientscinnamon, vanilla, sucralose, sultanas (8%), fructose, milk powder, soya protein, vegetable oil, Wholemeal wheat flakesNutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 147gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal408.00599.80.000.00%Fat10.4015.370.0021.86%Carbohydrates52.8077.60.000.00%Sugar27.0039.7Protein20.0029.40.000.00%Salt0.300.46.006.67%

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bewell pack & go mixed fruit cusatard

Bewell Pack & Go Mixed Fruit Custard 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Freeze Dried Main Meal600 KcalDry Weight of 147gLong shelf lifeIngredients: Milk powder, Sugar, Dried currants, Orange peel, Apple flakes, Raisins, Dextrose, Vegetable oil, Potato starch, Spices, Flavouring.Allergy Information: Contains Milk and Soya.Nutrition Per 100g:Energy 406Kcal, Protein 8.8g, Carbohydrates 69.6g, Sugar 48.8g, Fat 11.2g, Salt 0.1gNutrition Per Pack:Energy 600Kcal, Protein 13g, Carbohydrates 102g, Sugar 71.7g, Fat 16.4g, Salt 0.2g  

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Sliver foil pouch contining Oriental Chicken & Rice

Bewell Pack & Go Oriental Chicken & Rice 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Ingredientsfive spice powder, guar gum, coriander, dried lemon grass powder, curry leaf powder, white pepper, palm oil, textured soya protein, maltodextrin, red bell peppers, kibbled onions, vegetable oil, chicken pieces, peas, sweetcorn, kibbled mushrooms, RFCK, Rice (52%)NutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 158gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal378kcal60030%2000Fat10.4g16.4g23%70gCarbohydrates52.8g83.4gof which sugars4g6.4g7%90gProtein19.2g30gSalt0.8g1.2g20%6g

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Sliver foil pouch contining Porridge & Apple Cinnamon

Bewell Pack & Go Porridge with Apple & Cinnamon 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

A great tasting porridge that is loved by everyone, but made using Gluten free oats with Apple and Cinnamon600 Kcal in 137g Contains Milk A gluten Free recipe, made in a factory that does handle GlutenIngredients : Gluten Free Oats, Milk Powder, Vegetable Oil, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon and Sucralose 

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Sliver foil pouch contining porridge & Strawberries

Bewell Pack & Go Porridge with Strawberries 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Kick-start the day with this delicious breakfast. High in natural food fibers and mixed chain carbohydrates to provide high and even energy levels during your track, hike or expedition. Made with 100% healthy and natural ingredients. Ingredientspotato starch, palm oil, sucralose, fructose, vegetable oil, milk powder, strawberries (7%), Rolled OatsNutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 128gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal469.00600.30.000.00%Fat24.8031.770.0045.29%Carbohydrates49.6063.50.000.00%Sugar10.4013.3Protein12.0015.40.000.00%Salt0.400.56.008.33%

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Sliver foil pouch contining Porridge & Sultanas

Bewell Pack & Go Porridge with Sultanas 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Start the day with this delicious breakfast. High in natural food fibers and mixed chain carbohydrates to provide high and even energy levels during your track, hike or expedition. Made with 100% healthy and natural ingredients. Ingredientspotato starch, palm oil, sucralose, fructose, vegetable oil, milk powder, sultanas (10%), Rolled oatsNutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 131gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal457.00598.70.000.00%Fat23.2030.470.0043.43%Carbohydrates51.2067.10.000.00%Sugar14.4018.9Protein11.2014.70.000.00%Salt0.400.56.008.33%

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Sliver foil pouch contining Veg Tikka Masala

Bewell Pack & Go Vegetarian Tikka Masala 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Great tasting spicy vegetarian curry with yoghurt. This Indian dish is medium spiced and creamy. Just like the real thing. Ingredientsginger, dextrose, chilli powder, yoghurt powder, cumin, cinnamon, garlic powder, sea salt, lemon, turmeric, white pepper, palm oil, citric acid, ginger powder, cardamon, coriander, milk powder, tomato powder, vegetable oil, tikka masala spice mix, textured soya protein, kibbled onion, diced potatoes, diced carrots, fructose, paprika powder, RFCK, peas, mushrooms, red bell pepper, Rice (35%)NutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 155gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal387.00599.90.000.00%Fat12.8019.870.0028.29%Carbohydrates52.0080.60.000.00%Sugar13.6021.1Protein18.4028.50.000.00%Salt0.701.16.0018.33%

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