Bewell Freeze Dried Meals 600kcal

Be-Well has developed and manufactured meals for Adventure Nutrition and they were the only meals to receive a 5 star rating by Trail Magazine.

Our customers include our own Brands as well as some of the major brands in Europe.

Our large range of meals provide balanced nutrition for all levels of outdoors activities and are successfully tested worldwide and a favourite of Adventurers, Expeditions Explorers, Schools and Young Persons award schemes.

Sliver foil pouch contining Porridge & Sultanas

Bewell Pack & Go Porridge with Sultanas 600kcal Freeze Dried Meal

Start the day with this delicious breakfast. High in natural food fibers and mixed chain carbohydrates to provide high and even energy levels during your track, hike or expedition. Made with 100% healthy and natural ingredients. Ingredientspotato starch, palm oil, sucralose, fructose, vegetable oil, milk powder, sultanas (10%), Rolled oatsNutritionTypical Values:per 100gper 131gRI*RI*/dayEnergy kcal457.00598.70.000.00%Fat23.2030.470.0043.43%Carbohydrates51.2067.10.000.00%Sugar14.4018.9Protein11.2014.70.000.00%Salt0.400.56.008.33%

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