Army Military Ration Pack Sweets & Treats Pouch

Army Military Ration Pack Sweets & Treats Pouch

Everyone looks for something different when they purchase a ration pack, we have gone up with something different, we have put all the bits in to one bag, This resealable bag includes:

Chocolate Cake 85g

Cinnamon Cake 85g

Vanilla Cake 85g

Biscuits Apricot 50g

Chocolate Bar 25g

Honey Sachet 15g

Mexican Sauce Sachet 12g

Biscuit Brown 84g

Wholewheat Crackers 50g

Peanut Butter Oaties 50g

Digestive Biscuits 50g

Fruit Pulp Cubes 45g

Peanuts, Raisins & Choc Chips 60g

Granola & Fruit Snack 45g

Peanut Butter Sachet 25g

Apple & Cranberry Bar 50g

Earn 0 reward points 4Pouch


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