Adventure Menu Venison Ragout & Potato Dumplings

Adventure Menu Venison Ragout & Potato Dumplings

This deluxe dish is a combination of delicious deer meat with a sauce made from root vegetables, red currant jam, red wine and spices. There are also some handrolled potato dumplings. No wonder that this is one of our most popular dishes on the menu. You do not eat venison? Well, try this one before you decide on that...

Composition: venison meat (30%), potato dumplings (28% potato, wheat flour, semolina, egg, salt), root crop (carrots, celery, parsley), red wine, sunflower oil, speck, tomato puree (tomato, salt, sugar), wheat flour, lemon, red-currant jam (red-currant, sugar, pectin), sugar, salt, wild spices

Dated 25th August 2021

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